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217: So how did the band name come about?

A: Well, I dunno I say you got to stand for something.So Kauze seems like the only thing that would make sense. It was no question that it was right name for us.

217: So in your picture you guys look like the typical college friendly indie stuff, but you guys are rocking the old school groove metal with a mixture of spoken word or what ever you would call it your thoughts.

A: I don't know about all that. We take pride in our tunes; we believe there is no greater expression then the pulse and power of an intense groove.

Our message is clear but open ended because we are not into preaching. Kauze is an open book we promote individualism and a thrust for something different to come from the art of heavy music.

217: How did the band start?

A: It started as a poetry act all the songs started as poems and pieces preformed at open mics around town and due to its nature and aggression and passion I started performing them at shows opening up for bands like, New Dead Radio, Getting Even, and Synapse. Slowly but surely they grew into some of the songs that are on the latest EP currently available @ Amoeba Records in Hollywood (6400 Sunset Blvd) and @, entitled Waiting For The Punch.

217: So to wrap up, what are you guys doing in the up coming months?

Lane: Were playing @ The Anarchy Library, April 10th, The Gig April 27th and Dipizza's On May 19th.

217: Thanks for your time.

Lane: Pleasure was mine, rock on.

Spring Issue 2006

Lane Steele Interviewed by Blair from 217 magazine and 33 degree

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